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Why are people still insisting on using vinyl records?


While notebook DJ software and CD turntable players are gaining more and more attention, hard disk DJ devices have become a delicate balance between the two. Both Tianlong and Luma have introduced a hard disk player that operates like a dual CD player but plays music through the built-in hard disk.

These machines can store thousands of songs and do have an advantage in action DJ performances. Luma also ported the technology from CDX to HDX, a CD turntable with a hard drive. The hard drive can be read on the computer via USB 2.0.

In comparison with vinyl, why do people still insist on using vinyl records? I know very well about vinyl record players and digital record players, so I have to explain why I am so obsessed with vinyl turntables.

One of the places where vinyl is beyond the CD is the speed at which the album is replaced. You don't have to wait for the CD player to spit out the disc after pressing the elapsed disc, or wait for a new disc to be read. If you are skilled, you can change the record quickly and elegantly.

On the other hand, for the situations often encountered by action DJs (weddings, anniversary celebrations, youth parties, bar events, etc.), DJs usually need to focus their attention on the participants. In addition, the technology that the vinyl record player can do and the CD record player can't do is less and less, and with the continuous birth of new products, more new technologies are being implemented on these players.