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Where are the high-end audio products?


The audio product is actually something special in the merchandise. Why? Because its value is difficult to have a standard definition, and most people lack the ability to judge the sound, a word, that is "mysterious."

 Usually, I can often see the phrase "listen to listen to a million yuan" on the Internet. There are some meanings in the ridicule that are far-reaching. In the eyes of most people, the value of audio products is not directly proportional to their price. It takes a lot of money to buy headphones or buy pairs of speakers. For many people, it is a luxury, even if I have A few colleagues, taking a high-end earplug, and listening to it for a while, said: "There is no difference!" This "unobvious" improvement has also led many people to be suspicious of high-priced audio products. So, a high-end earplugs, a pair of high-end speakers, what is their true value? Why are some flagship models selling for up to 10,000 yuan?

  First of all, let's discuss a philosophical question, that is, is this thing worthless? What is the value? What is not worth it? Someone might compare the price with the price of the product. The lower the price, the more value it will be. However, I personally prefer to compare the price with the value of the product for personal use, even if the price is not low, but this thing is very valuable to the user, it can be said that this thing is worth. In other words, there is actually no obvious boundary between value and value. It is mainly for people who use it. It is like someone who already thinks that the price of iPhone X is very expensive, but some people think that iPhone X is sold. Twenty thousand are acceptable.

 Isn’t there anyone in the audio circle recently who is quite hot? He likes to talk about the cost. What is a squat-type moving iron unit of 133 yuan? What is the exploitation of a three-unit earplug? But if the price of the product is only calculated by cost, it is estimated that few companies can continue to develop. Taking headphones as an example, the approximate route for developing a headset is as follows:

  Step 1: the overall headset design

  Step 2: the internal acoustic structure design of the earphone

  Step 3: wire selection and structural design

  Step 4: sound debugging

  Step 5: Headphone Mold Making

  Step 6: Mold-based tuning is perfect

  Step 7: Trial production

  Step 8: Mass production

  It can be seen that a headset does not only need to invest in the cost, but the preparation and debugging in the early stage require a lot of time and cost. These are not just simple things to buy a unit into the shell. It is true that today's tens of thousands of earplugs do have a high price component, but with the popularity of high-priced waves on the market, the flagship products of big brands often follow this trend in order to establish an image.

  Whether it is a speaker or a headset, my point is: expensive, there are always reasons for it. The reason here is not only the sound performance of the product itself, but also the rumor of design and the premium of the brand itself. Recently, I have not been in the audio vocabulary of science. These sound qualities are real things, and the high-priced flagship products naturally achieve a good level in these aspects, and the rest is only the preference for the sound style. High-end audio products have always been a niche demand, and it is impossible to reduce the price through large batch shipments like Volkswagen products. Some flagship products are often a symbol of brand strength, and the brand has not considered how much to earn. The public will not worry why it is so expensive.

  In summary, the pricing of high-end audio products is directly or indirectly related to market trends, R&D design investment, brand premiums and product positioning. Remember, “expensive is good” is not necessarily accurate, but does not want to spend big money and think It’s good, it’s hard.