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Stadium sound reinforcement system solution


1.The main features of the electro-acoustic system of modern stadiums can be summarized in three aspects:

    ★ Pay more attention to the sound effects of the auditorium and venue of the venue;

    ★ In order to meet the needs of the opening ceremony, closing ceremony or performance of large-scale sports competitions, more attention should be paid to the corresponding "mobile" sound reinforcement system;

    ★ Electroacoustic systems pay more attention to the use of digital network transmission and control systems.

2.The stadium's electroacoustic system mainly includes

    1. Meet the live sound reinforcement system of sports competitions

    2. Mobile sound reinforcement system for opening, closing and large-scale performances

    3. Automatic priority broadcast system that satisfies multi-level broadcasting (including emergency broadcast)

    4. Digital networked signal transmission and control system

    5. Power amplifier and signal transmission fault automatic detection system, etc.

3. Basic requirements for sound reinforcement systems in stadiums

    1. The regular use of stadiums is a sports competition or a mass gathering. Therefore, the basic requirement for the sound reinforcement system is to first ensure the intelligibility (or clarity) of the language sound reinforcement. It seems that it is not easy to have a good hearing in the implementation of the stadium audience (or most of the audience).

    2. Use of sports venues If there is a large-scale sports event opening ceremony, closing ceremony or large-scale high-level performances, then the sound reinforcement system is equipped with a high-quality "mobile system" in conjunction with the original "fixed" installation system. It will be better and more economical.

    3. The audience of the modern sports stadium is different from the traditional "audience", and more is to support the "fans" cheerleaders of the team. The atmosphere of the sports competition is warm. However, the "background noise" level is increased and random for sound reinforcement, and should be paid sufficient attention in the design of the sound reinforcement system.