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Talking about the future development trend of living room cinema


1.Laser television

    The essence of laser TV is achieved by laser projectors and special metal curtains. At present, the manufacturer mainly uses a blue single laser light source to transmit the image, and then through the screen to image. Because the material of the curtain is special, it can reflect light sources other than laser projectors, so it can display a good picture in a high brightness environment.

     In addition to Hisense, Optoma, Vision, BenQ (BenQ), Changhong, and other big-name manufacturers actively deploying laser TV, there are many technology IT companies are also actively involved. After March, successively exposed Internet TV brands, such as Shang, Mi, Wei whales, storms, etc., have to attack the laser TV field. In addition, the news that Xiaomi's eco-company is about to launch a peak-meter laser TV with a domestic laser projector manufacturer is also rumored in the circle. For a time, the heat of laser TV in the entire industry is constantly heating up.

2.Miniature projection

    The so-called pico projector, also known as pocket projection, is a kind of pico projector. There is a special word (Pico-Projector) as its name abroad. Micro-projection is an emerging product that has only been put on the market in recent years. The market positioning of such products is very clear. Householdization, entertainment and intelligence are the initial criteria for the emergence of micro-investment products. As for why manufacturers want to differentiate micro-projection from professional/commercial projectors, the purpose is to further subdivide the projection products and target home-level consumers who do not meet the screen limitations of TV products.

3.CI Custom Cinema

    In 1985, CI Customization was invented in the United States, advocating the "four-dimensional integration" concept of equipment configuration, decoration style, design and construction, and calibration indicators. Whether it is a fully enclosed space or a semi-enclosed area, whether in the living room, bedroom or even outdoors, Designed for each customer's unique needs based on customized installation technology.

     With the diversification of villa mansion decoration styles, the function division of different rooms is becoming more and more fine. Floor and bookshelf speakers have been difficult to meet the diverse needs of audio and video entertainment. Because CI custom theaters are embedded and concealed in walls and ceilings, not only wall and ceiling can be used as reflective surfaces, but also resonance can be avoided, resulting in greater sound pressure level, lower distortion and wider range. The frequency response range makes the auditory experience more "immersive". With the embedded customization of all audio and video equipment, the entire audio-visual environment and decorative style will be fully customized to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of different customers.

4. 5.1 channel

    5.1 channel refers to the center channel, front left and right channels, rear left and right surround channels, and the so-called 0.1 channel subwoofer channel. A total of 6 speakers can be connected to a system, and 5.1 channels have been widely used in various traditional theaters and home theaters.

     At present, the mainstream of sound solutions used in living room theaters is basically 5.1 channels. Among the various sound field decoding and sound field technologies, the most common, or the most standard, is the 5.1 channel output, and other standard decoding methods can also be well output through 5.1 channels. The center channel is responsible for replaying the portion of the character's dialogue most of the time; the front main left/right channel is used to compensate for movements and other sounds that are outside the center of the screen or that cannot be seen from the screen; the surround sound is responsible for the rear surround sound. The periphery and the entire background music make people feel that they are in the center of the whole scene. The shock of the horse and the screaming of the jet from the top of the head are thanks to it; the sound of the motor, the sound of the bomber or the drum, etc. The shocking heavy bass is handled by the subwoofer.

5. 4 K

  Full HD of 1080P (Full HD) has been fully popularized, and its high resolution of 1920*1080 (known as 1080p) has subverted people's ideas when it first appeared. Today, with the continuous advancement of technology, A generation of high-definition technology is beginning to gradually surpass 1080P, which is the 4K we often hear. The 4K Ultra HD resolution has 2840×2160 and 4096×2160 pixels.