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Ministry of culture and tourism will rectify the performance market


    In recent years, China's cultural industry has flourished, and the annual growth rate of the added value of the cultural industry is much higher than the GDP growth rate during the same period. With the in-depth development of China's reform and development, the living standards of the broad masses of the people have continuously improved, and the demand for cultural consumption has shown a multi-level, diversified and diversified trend. In the next five years, China's cultural industry, including the performing arts industry, will grow at an annual rate of around 15%. The per capita cultural and entertainment consumption of urban and rural residents will account for more than 5% of daily consumption expenditure.

    At the same time, we have also summarized three major problems in the industry:

1、Business model behind

    According to relevant statistics, the number of performance service organizations in China has increased rapidly in recent years, and the number of national performance service organizations has increased from 810 in 2005 to 4,899 in 2015. At present, more than 90% of China's performance companies belong to project-oriented performance companies, that is, operating specific performance projects as an important operation method. The project-type performance company is characterized by flexible operation, strong adaptability, low operating costs, and certain advantages in adapting to the market. However, these advantages also lead to lower entry barriers, fierce competition, and low risk resistance. Therefore, most performance companies are still in a low-level operation mode, which is an extensive operation. Therefore, the market for performance services is also limited.

2、Business subject is not professional

    In 2004, the performance of tourism was on the rise. There were various kinds of tourist performances in the country. The result of blindly following the trend was that the content of the performance was similar and the quality was mixed. In 2014, 10 years later, the projects that followed suit were eliminated by the market. The spurt development of the children's drama performance market after 2014 has exposed the problem that the performance mechanism is still serious from the other side. The improvement of children's awareness of children's education has made the children's drama market have great potential for development. However, the production of poor and lacking stories has made the children's drama market, which is in a good development situation, appear to be rude and misbehaving. Because of the lack of professional children's drama production concept, many non-professional children's drama performance agencies often use dazzling stage design and modern means such as sound and light, which not only negatively affect children's vision and hearing, but also drown the meaning of the plot itself. Due to the insufficiency of the domestic children's drama age segmentation system, the children's drama is lacking in creation and market positioning, providing space for speculative performance business units.

    Blindly following the trend not only affects the long-term development of the company, but also has a great negative impact on the market. Speculative performance companies often devote themselves to the hot market in the market with a "making a hand" gambling mentality, which has a vicious impact on some areas that are on the rise. The benign development of the performance market requires excellent works that are well-made, well-defined and quietly created, and require the common maintenance of practitioners.